Injectables Transcription

So, Doctor, let’s roll into fillers and fat.


But first let’s start with what are the three different ways the
face ages?

Well, it used to be that people were just focused on sagging skin, so the
loss of elasticity and gravity just plays a toll on everyone over time.
And that’s what everyone was focused on in face lifts. And now we
realize, although that is absolutely a critical problem that has to be
addressed, there are two other things that happen too. One is, there’s
a volume redistribution. For example, you tend to have a little wasting
in the temple area in extremes of life. But before then you start wasting
around your cheeks if you’re at a stable weight, and you start seeing
more of your skeletonized bones and that sort of thing.

And you also tend to gain a little fat right here in the jowl area and
then lose a little in the prejowl area.

I’ve noticed that.

Yea, and gained some underneath here. And of interest is the brain just
programs these cells when to grow or when to start shrinking. And so we
address all those by adjusting those volumes. That’s very important,
and we can use fillers or fat for that. And the third thing is just surface
characteristics of the skin. So half your lifetime risk of premature aging
is from the sun, for example, sun exposure before the age of 16.

Oh wow.

It just catches up to you later.