Our most popular laser treatments are the BBL® SkinTyte and TyteLip. The SkinTyte laser procedure provides skin tightening for the face, neck, chest, arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs, legs, hands and buttocks. The Tytelip procedure targets fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area.

Facelift procedures treat redundant sagging skin, however a patient may desire improvement for issues which cannot be entirely resolved through surgery. The SkinTyte and TyteLip laser treatments can be used as a follow up treatment after surgery to further improve the skin’s surface by decreasing fine lines and pore size and improving dermal health and thickness.

BL® SkinTyte and Tytelip are safe for all skin types and can be performed on any area of the body where skin firmness is desired. The laser treatments are also especially beneficial for those with sun damaged skin or pre-malignancies.

To look your best the Broad Band Laser treatments should be part of your ongoing skin maintenance regimen. Since there is no downtime, patients may resume their regular activities immediately following treatment.

What is the BBL SkinTyte® and TyteLip laser?

The BBL® SkinTyte laser technology is based on the principle of selective thermolysis and utilizes pulsed light to deeply heat your skin, while cooling and protecting the treated area. This type of infrared energy is used to heat collagen at the dermal level and promotes partial denaturation and contraction of collagen. The heat also stimulates the body’s natural healing process, creating new collagen production, which in turn results in skin tightening and firmness.

Compared to surgical methods of skin tightening such as liposuction, brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, etc., BBL SkinTyte® is a fast and effective laser therapy requiring no down-time. SkinTyte also targets areas where there is no surgical option available.

At our BioSpa medical spa in Newport Beach, CA. we frequently treat the following areas for skin laxity concerns –

  • Upper or Lower lip
  • Lower face
  • Jowls
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Above the knees
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks

What to know prior to your BBL® SkinTyte treatment

A series of treatments will likely be necessary to achieve the best results. Each patient’s needs are unique, so the specific number of treatments will be discussed during your consultation. On average a series of 3-5 treatments, scheduled 2-4 weeks apart are recommended. Touch up treatments will likely be needed in the future to maintain results. Although you will likely see subtle results immediately, it will take a few months to see the full affect. Collagen growth will improve over time as the skin repairs itself.

We ask our patients to avoid sun exposure to the area being treated for 2-4 weeks. Use sunscreen diligently and avoid tanning booths.

What to expect during your BBL® SkinTyte or TyteLip treatment at the BioSpa

You will be given the option to have a topical numbing cream applied to their area/s being treated. If you are having the BBL® TyteLip treatment, we do recommend it as this area is quite sensitive. We will provide you with protective eye wear, which most be worn at all times during treatment. We also recommend keeping your eyes closed to avoid the bright, strobe-like light emitted by each laser pulse.

During the treatment the laser will deliver a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses, which are repeated over the treated area to obtain optimal results.

The total treatment time varies patient to patient based upon the area/s being treated. On average face and neck take approximately 45 minutes, upper lip takes about 20 minutes, and so on. We suggest planning on being at our office for a total of 45-60 minutes.

What to expect after your BBL® SkinTyte or TyteLip treatment

You can continue your normal activities after your treatment. There may be some redness where you were treated, but this will subsided over the next coupe of hours. You must wear sunscreen after your treatment and everyday from that point on if you want to enjoy your results and protect your investment. Sun damage is one of the major factors which causes collagen to breakdown and creates skin laxity. Sunscreen, high-quality skincare products, and Retin-A are encouraged as part of your ongoing regimen. We carry medical grade products at the BioSpa, which cannot be found over-the-counter.