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With more than 25 years of aesthetic experience, Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter have been offering the best in plastic surgery to their patients in Orange County. They have expanded BioSpa into its own dedicated space offering nonsurgical options as well. The most advanced techniques are used to give you safe, effective and natural results from the most sought-after nonsurgical treatments.

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With time, the body goes through several changes and most of these are issues with stubborn fat and cellulite. Dimpled legs and thighs make it difficult for women to enjoy the beach in swimsuits that attract attention to the visible cellulite. Over the years, there have been several procedures that aimed at eliminating the appearance of cellulite but none have been completely successful. Keeping up with the latest in technological advancements, Bio Spa offers its patients Cellfina. Today, this is the longest duration cellulite treatment and you can improve the appearance of cellulite for at least a duration of 2 years with a single treatment.

Cellfina for cellulite – are you a good candidate?

Cellfina is an effective treatment since it treats the root structural cause of cellulite. It works by releasing the fibrous band under the skin which creates this cellulite. Since it does not simply target the superficial layers but the architecture of the skin, you get a real improvement in the appearance of cellulite. A good candidate must be within 10 pounds of their ideal body weight. If you are overweight, there will be significantly more fat under the skin and you will not see any noticeable changes from the procedure.

Most women see changes in about 3 days post their Cellfina treatment when the skin becomes even and flat and the cottage cheese like dimpled appearance diminishes. During this hour-long procedure, aestheticians at BioSpa® ensure you are comfortable and well prepared. An anesthetic liquid is injected in the area to be treated before a tiny needle is used to cut the connective fibrous bands within the skin. There may be temporary side effects like redness and soreness but no scarring from the treatment.

If you are in Orange County and have been considering a treatment for those dimpled legs and thighs, walk into BioSpa® today to understand more about the Cellfina treatment. You will go through an extensive consultation where your expectations and goals will be understood and the best-suited treatment will be recommended. When at BioSpa® you can be assured that your procedure will be safe and your results the best that the treatment can offer. Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance to the team during any treatment.

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Orange County is located in Southern California. It is famous for the Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort that offers rides and restaurants. Another popular theme park for visitors is the Knotts Berry Farm located in Buena Park. There are cities with surfing beaches like the Huntington Beach that also features a surfing museum. The Newport beach is a boat filled harbor and the Laguna beach offers tide pools and oceanfront Crystal Cove State Park.

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