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As we age, hormone levels decline, which can cause significant changes in the body such as lack of energy, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and loss of libido. The levels of essential hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can get depleted. These hormones have many functions, including keeping the body strong and youthful and contributing to secondary sex characteristics.

Bones and tissues can start degrading as the levels of these hormones decrease, resulting in problems like:

  • Psychogenic symptoms – loss of self-esteem, anger, irritability, depression
  • Urogenital symptoms – discomfort during sex, dryness, urge incontinence, stress incontinence
  • Vasomotor symptoms – migraines, night sweats, palpitations, hot flashes

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) is administered to balance hormone levels and improve these symptoms. BHRT also helps to reduce the risks of certain diseases associated with aging, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and stroke.

Synthetic hormones are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and do not share the same molecular structure as human hormones. They also introduce foreign substances that produce toxic by-products, which can cause a wide array of side effects and more serious conditions such as an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. The side effects can end up being worse than the hormone imbalance.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is derived from plants and is biologically identical to the molecular structure of the hormones found in your body. BHRT is natural, safe, and free of the risks associated with synthetic hormones. BHRT is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy, particularly because of studies showing the long-term health benefits of reducing the risks of certain diseases.

What is the Bio-TE Treatment?

BioTE® helps balance hormones through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using a pellet injected into the upper buttock/lower back region. Hormone balance is vital to leading a better life. That’s why we offer BioTE Bioidentical hormone therapy to our patients. Bio-TE can help people live better, longer.

With Bio-TE, there is no application of hormones derived from animals. Instead, the hormones are created from soy, yam, and other plants, and the estrogen is synthesized in a very particular way so as to completely replicate the chemical structure of the hormones that occur naturally in the human body.

The body chemistry of individual patients is taken into Since these are an exact match, they can be taken safely over a long period of time without side effects as the body can adjust them seamlessly.

What can Bio-TE do for me?

Losing hormonal balance affects the bones, skin, and hair adversely, contributing to characteristics that are generally visually associated with the advancement of age. Problems with hair loss can also be tackled effectively as the hormonal balance is restored to the body.

BHRT is also used to improve mood, sleep, energy, and intimacy.

BHRT can help you look younger by kickstarting the production of elastin, protein, and collagen in the body and restoring your bones, skin, and hair. This can smoothen and tighten your skin, help get rid of wrinkles, and impart a lasting glow.

What does Bio-TE treat?

One of the most common problems with estrogen depletion is dryness in the vagina. Enjoying sex can become difficult. BHRT can help with restoring moisture and lubrication in the vagina. It can also repair and rejuvenate the entire urogenital and vulvar area, making it look and feel younger. This can dramatically increase sexual pleasure and wellness.

A common problem with depleted hormones is an accelerated production of osteoclasts that break down old bones and much less production of osteoblasts or new bone cells. With BHRT, estrogen levels can be restored, promoting bone-building and bone resorption. This can counter some of the greatest risks of older age, osteoporosis, and osteopenia.

Hot flashes can be a major source of discomfort. This is the result of the hypothalamus reacting exaggeratedly even to small changes in ambient temperature owing to an imbalance of hormones. Stabilizing hormone levels using BHRT can help the hypothalamus regulate temperature better.

Depleted hormones can have a detrimental effect on body and brain functions. This can manifest mostly in changes in your sleeping and mood patterns. BHRT can help regular body and brain functions and bring them back to optimum levels. This enables you to sleep better, get better restorative rest, and keep your mood happy and glowing.

Why patients choose Bio-TE

There is a long list of benefits resulting from hormone therapy. Many patients are finally able to shed unwanted weight, a common problem among women over 40. Lower estrogen can make it harder to lose weight and easier to gain because the body holds onto excess fat in an attempt to preserve estrogen, which is stored in fat cells.

Other benefits may include:

  • Increased vitality, energy, drive, and focus.
  • Increased sexual libido and improvement in overall sexual health.
  • May increase overall bone density.
  • Helps weight management, muscle development, and may reduce visceral fat.
  • May reduce diabetes.
  • Improves sleeping.
  • Decreased risk of heart disease, prostate, breast, and uterine cancers.
  • Improved mental health and decreased risk of dementia.

How Bio-TE works

Bio-TE is prepared at a compounding pharmacy with unique mixes of natural ingredients to match the hormones you are missing at the levels you need them. Synthetic hormone replacement therapies are mass-produced.

Natural hormone treatment can be tried at a low dose to see if there are some noticeable effects with no side effects before increasing dosage, and BHRT can be used in formula combinations that address a variety of hormone imbalances and deficiencies.

Bio-TE pellet procedure

BHRT can be administered in many different ways, including gels, patches, injections, creams, and implanted pellets. Bio-TE is exclusively administered through a pellet safely injected into your backside.

Bio-TE pellets release a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones for three to six months, during which the pellets are absorbed into the body. Bio-TE utilizes the pellet delivery system as it has been found to deliver optimal results and lowest chance of abreaction. The bioidentical pellet is assimilated by the body, dissolving the contents and leaving nothing behind.

Everyone at BioSpa® is great to interact with and you can tell they're very passionate about helping their clients look their best. Highly recommended!

Bio-TE benefits

  • BHRT is made up of natural ingredients to match the hormones you are missing.
  • BHRT can help to improve many conditions and overall quality of life.
  • BHRT does not need to be used forever.

Bioidentical hormone treatment may not need to be done forever. Once levels return to normal and your symptoms are under control, you can stop. After that, if your symptoms return, we ask that you make an appointment to be re-evaluated.

Customized Bio-TE bioidentical hormone therapy

BioSpa® requires an initial consultation to review your medical history and current symptoms. Upon completion of your first visit, you will be required to have lab work done prior to your next visit. The results of these tests will be reviewed with you in person along with administering Bio-TE. Once you begin your BHRT, we will need to see you for follow up visits to evaluate the effectiveness of managing your original symptoms. We will re-prescribe as needed.

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If you believe that you may be able to benefit from BHRT, BioTE or are looking for a natural hormone alternative, contact BioSpa® today to schedule your consultation appointment to get started!

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