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Women face a number of challenges with age when it comes to maintaining optimal health and wellness. At our Newport Beach medical spa, we offer a number of treatments just for women to restore your health and confidence using the best proven non-surgical treatments and personalized care. Our women’s wellness treatments include:


Viveve is an in-office, non-surgical vaginal treatment that can improve feminine wellness and daily life by strengthening the vaginal walls. Common complaints that Viveve can address include dryness, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and stress incontinence. Utilizing the power of radio-frequency, our patients experience dramatic results in just one single session!

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormone therapy can restore an age-related hormone imbalance in women and improve the symptoms associated with it, leading to improved wellness and comfort. The treatment uses pellets that are inserted under the skin in addition to oral supplements to achieve hormone optimization.

Bi-O! Shot™

Offered exclusively at BioSpa® the Bi-O! Shot™ is a cutting-edge sexual rejuvenation and enhancement treatment for women. For many of our patients, the Bi-O! Shot™ has stimulated the imagination. Could a quick and easy injection rejuvenate your sex life? Intensify your sensation and pleasure? Improve your confidence and reduce discomfort? It sure can! It’s our version of the “O-Shot” and it utilizes platelet rich plasma (PRP), which means it’s also 100% natural and organic.

At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ob-Gyn designed, this patented device uses gentle heat and red-light technology to stimulate tissue and encourage blood flow. With the vFit+ medical device, you can achieve vaginal rejuvenation in the comfort of your own home. vFit+ is easy to use, delivers effective results and is designed to improve your wellness and confidence.


Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons offer a full range of surgical options, which can often easily be performed in-office under local anesthesia. These options include: vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, perineoplasty, hymenoplasty, pubis lift and reduction, and clitoral hood reduction. A consultation is the first step to determine if you are a candidate. CLICK HERE to request a consultation at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery.

Want to learn more about women’s wellness treatments and what they could do for you? We covered it all during our Women’s Wellness & Wine virtual event! Because helping women look and feel their best is what we do, even during a pandemic (safely and responsibly, of course).

Pour a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and CLICK HERE to watch from the privacy of home or wherever you feel most comfortable. This is an informative and fun happy hour you won’t want to miss!

Our patients have reported that our women’s wellness treatments are life changing. Find out why! Learn about the latest advances in treatments for Vaginal Tightening, Reducing Vaginal Dryness, Stopping Bladder Leakage, Intimacy Improvement for better sexual health, and more.
Curious which option is best for you? Call us any time at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery or BioSpa® to schedule a consultation!

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