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Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments for Men in Newport Beach

The BioSpa® for Men is the first and only medical spa in Orange County dedicated to serving the needs of the male community in Southern California. The medical spa is owned and operated by two of the area’s premier plastic surgeons, Dr. Jed Horowitz and Dr. Larry Nichter. With the number of men seeking cosmetic treatments increasing year after year, board-certified plastic surgeons Horowitz and Nichter wanted to create an exclusive medical spa with men in mind. While the BioSpa® serves both men and women, the men’s spa has dedicated days, times, and events specifically set aside for their male clientele.

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The BioSpa® for Men offers non-surgical treatments targeted to address the issues men frequently complain about, such as excessive sweating, unwanted body hair, hair loss, fat in the abdomen and love handles, eyelid bags, deep forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, loose neck skin, spider veins, double chin, acne, and acne scars. All of these aesthetic concerns and more can be treated at the BioSpa® for Men under the direction of top plastic surgeons Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter.

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Non-Surgical Treatments & Proven Success in the Workplace

As the demand for aesthetic treatments becomes increasingly more popular and accepted by society, men are starting to become less bashful about having “work” done themselves. Interestingly, there have also been numerous articles published with the idea that looking good equates to success.

In 2012 there was an article published by Business Insider claiming that attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-attractive co-workers. According to a University of Texas professor of economics by the name of Daniel Hamermesh, on average good looking people earn approximately 3-4 percent more than below-average looking people. He is also the author of the book “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.”

Everyone at BioSpa® is great to interact with and you can tell they're very passionate about helping their clients look their best. Highly recommended!

Some may consider this completely vain, but it’s not really just about looks. In truth, when a person thinks they look good, they exude confidence and become more motivated and empowered. These qualities could actually be the reason for one’s success.

We know of a sales representative that meets with people face to face day in and day out. At his office, co-workers were frequently asking if something was wrong or if he was mad about something, yet he felt great and was happy. He was becoming increasingly frustrated that people thought he was angry, so he confided in a female friend who pointed out that it could be because of his deep forehead lines and furrow lines (between the eyebrows). She said it did make him look mad, stern, and unapproachable. He felt this could be affecting his work and personal relationships, so he decided to visit a medical spa to discuss options for improving his appearance. After just one Botox treatment and a single laser treatment, he no longer looks like that angry guy from before. Just one 15 minute Botox treatment and a 30 minute laser procedure resulted in a complete change in how he views himself and how others view him as well!

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