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Get rid of unwanted armpit hair with miraSmooth® – a new hair removal treatment using microwave technology to safely remove all hair colors on all skin types. The miraDry® system was first approved by the FDA for underarm sweat reduction, but now the system is also approved for hair removal. Developed by MiraMar labs, miraSmooth® uses precisely controlled microwave energy to effectively remove all hair color and skin types.

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What is miraSmooth?

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A non-invasive hair removal treatment performed in our office office with no downtime. A local anesthetic is administered into the armpit to reduce discomfort during treatment. Daily activities can be resumed immediately following the procedure.

Miramar Lab’s proprietary miraWave® technology is the foundation of the miraDry® System. It uses precisely controlled microwave energy with the same wavelengths used in actual microwaves, however the delivery method, depth of penetration, and safety aspect is completely different.

The miraSmooth® device emits heat deep beneath the skin, where the roots of the hairs and sweat glands are located. The heat destroys the hair roots with permanent reduction of all hair colors. This type of technology is a breakthrough in the hair removal industry. Unlike traditional laser hair removal, microwave energy doesn’t require a chromophore to be effective therefore allowing it to be used on hair colors and skin types.

One treatment may be all that is necessary to permanently remove all hair roots, however some patients may require a second treatment for maximum elimination of hair.

Who is a Candidate?

Any healthy individual wanting to permanently get rid of unwanted armpit hair.

What to Expect During a miraSmooth Treatment

Upon arrival at the BioSpa, patients are taken into our miraSmooth treatment room. The armpit area is cleaned and a numbing cream is applied. If need be, a local anesthetic can be injected into the armpit to provide further comfort. Once the area is completely numb, one of our nurses or doctors will use a marker to outline a grid across the armpits. This grid is used to guide the device to precisely target the hair roots. The total treatment time is approximately one hour.\

What to Expect After Your miraSmooth Treatment

Patients may experience mild discomfort, redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. Symptoms can be treated with ice packs and over the counter pain medication. Avoid heavy lifting and physical activity for 24 hours after treatment.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Hair roots that are destroyed will not grow back. One treatment may not get rid of all hair, but hair growth will be significantly reduced. A secondary treatment can be performed to further enhance the result.

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