Lipo-Lean Injections

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Lipo-Lean Injections

Reduce inches of stubborn fat with a series of quick and easy micro-injections.

For many reasons, the body can become less effective at burning fat over time, even if you lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be frustrating, and not everyone wants to opt for a surgical procedure to reduce fatty pockets. Feeling self-confident with a healthy and contoured body is important, so we offer non-surgical alternatives to fat reduction that can work with your body’s natural systems to effectively flush out fat and prevent it from growing further.

Lipo-Lean is a specialized compound that is administered with tiny needles to permanently dissolve fat. When injected, the fat cells absorb the compound and become hardened and inflamed. This triggers a response by your body to break them down and flush them out using increased liver function. Once flushed from the body, the fat cells can no longer expand with weight gain, leaving only smooth, contoured treatment areas.

Additionally, Lipo-Lean can be paired with B12 shots for enhanced effectiveness. Vitamin B12 is responsible for helping your body use fat and burn carbs for energy. With a restored level of B12, your body can more effectively use energy and boost your metabolism.

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The Basics

  • Lipo-Lean boosts your body’s ability to flush out fat cells through your natural systems.
  • Lipo-Lean produces long-term results with a low chance of weight gain in the treated areas.
  • Lipo-Lean can be paired with B12 shots for an additional boost to the metabolism.

Why Patients Choose Lipo-Lean

There are many reasons patients choose non-surgical options over surgical when it comes to fat reduction. With a liposuction procedure, you’ll require some downtime and experience minor discomfort. It can also be expensive and interfere with your active lifestyle. Although this can be a great option for some patients, others likely would prefer to avoid incisions or recovery. Additionally, not everyone is a candidate for liposuction procedures.

Although the primary benefit of Lipo-Lean is reduced fatty tissue at your treated areas, it can also enhance your metabolism and help you make better use of the energy you consume. Lipo-Lean can be an excellent companion to your healthy lifestyle.

How It Works

When it comes to reducing fat, many people think that spot training workouts are the way to achieve contours in a particular area. However, this doesn’t usually work for a few reasons. Firstly, many people don’t have the ability to effectively burn fat in the area because of a lack of vitamins, nutrients, and metabolism. Secondly, spot training is more likely to tone muscle than burn fat. Lipo-Lean addresses both of these factors, allowing you to naturally slim your areas without overworking for no results.

Vitamin B12 Treatment

Lipo-Lean often works best when paired with Vitamin B12 treatments, which can help boost your energy and metabolism with ongoing treatments to help you make better use of Lipo-Lean treatments and exercise. These treatments are customized to restore the most effective level of B12 to your body if it’s lacking. B12 treatments are administered through a comfortable IV treatment session at our office.

Your Customized Lipo-Lean Treatment

During your consultation with our experts, we’ll create the treatment plan that works best for you and your goals. We can assess your treatment areas and cosmetic goals to recommend the best treatment plan for you and additional steps to take. This can include B12 treatment or additional exercise and dietary changes. You’ll receive a full plan including frequency, amount, and intended results with Lipo-Lean.

Your Lipo-Lean Results

Your results from treatment will be highly individualized, but our experts can give you the best idea of when to expect results. Most patients begin to see results after two weeks. After full treatment, you can expect your target areas to appear slimmer, more contoured, and more toned. Additionally, you can expect to feel more energized and confident in your exercise and diet regimen.

Your Consultation at BioSpa

Lipo-Lean can be a great option for supplementing your fat reduction goals without the need for surgery and downtime. To begin discussing how Lipo-Lean can work for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our experts and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight with Lipo-Lean?

It’s important to note that Lipo-Lean is not a weight-loss method; rather, it contributes to the success of your diet and exercise regimen. You can expect to lose some inches at your treatment areas, but not overall pounds.

What is Lipo-Lean made of?

Lipo-Lean contains all the naturally-occurring vitamins, nutrients, acids, and minerals your body needs to effectively burn fat and use energy. These include methionine, choline, levocarnitine, chromium picolinate, inositol, and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. You can learn more about how these ingredients can benefit you during a consultation with our experts.

How often should I get the shot?

We’ll discuss the best treatment plan for you during a consultation, but Lipo-Lean can be administered as often as once a week.

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