Vaginal Wellness & Sexual Enhancement

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As women go through hormonal changes, childbearing, and aging, they can experience changes in their genitalia. Changes such as vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal lubrication, and a decrease in sensation can impact a woman’s quality of life.

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

Pregnancy and vaginal delivery can lead to stretching and trauma, which can result in loss of vaginal tightness. Vaginal laxity often occurs when bearing more than one child, having a large baby, or undergoing normal aging.

What are my Vaginal Wellness & Sexual Enhancement Options?

Many women who wish to restore their vaginal wellness do not want to undergo surgical procedures. At BioSpa® we offer a selection of nonsurgical treatment options to help you achieve the sexual enhancement you desire. These treatments include RF energy solutions, as well as take-home treatments that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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