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Throughout a woman’s life, her body will undergo many changes, including the weakening of the vaginal lining as collagen production slows. When the presence of collagen decreases, the vaginal walls can become loose, resulting in vaginal laxity, loss of sensation, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, and overactive bladder. Thankfully, Geneveve by Viveve can help!

Viveve, Inc. is the company that makes Geneveve, an RF device that is new to the US in 2017 but has been used around the world for years. It is meant to improve vaginal laxity without surgery, downtime, and without any tissue injury as is seen with lasers.

Benefits of The Geneveve Treatment

The Geneveve Treatment is Clinically Proven To:

  • Improve vaginal laxity
  • Boost vaginal lubrication to reduce painful intercourse
  • Improve vaginal sensitivity for improve sensation
  • Improve stress or urge incontinence
  • Increase quality and intensity of sexual climax

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What is Geneveve and How Does It Work?

Geneveve by Viveve is not a laser. Rather, the Viveve system combines radiofrequency heating with surface cooling to stimulate collagen production much deeper in the vaginal wall than lasers can accomplish. A single Geneveve treatment demonstrated a statistically significant and sustained improvement in vaginal tightening and sexual sensation with NO adverse events.  The treatment is painless, takes about 25 minutes in the office and has no downtime because, unlike lasers, there is no destruction of the vaginal tissues. Most patients describe feeling a sensation of heating and cooling during treatment, though this is not painful.

The discomfort associated with heating tissues to high temperatures is prevented by a surface cooling system. This enables deep tissue heating, up to 5 mm, without any discomfort. Unlike ThermiVa, which causes discomfort when temperatures are increased to 42 degrees Celsius, Geneveve can bring the deep tissues to 56 degrees Celsius, thus providing a more effective single treatment.

What Sets Geneveve Apart?

Unlike other nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures, Geneveve only requires one treatment to see results. It is also safe, comfortable, and energy reaches deeper into tissues for longer-lasting results. Clinical studies have shown that Geneveve has a 98% satisfaction rate.

Who is a Candidate for Geneveve

Women who are experiencing poor vaginal laxity can often benefit from Geneveve. Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure. Individuals with a pacemaker or automatic implantable cardioverter/defibrillator should not undergo this treatment. The best way to determine if this treatment is right for you is through a consultation with one of our aesthetic nurses.

How Many Geneveve Treatments Are Needed?

Only one Geneveve treatment is needed to enjoy your results, however, some women may be able to benefit from multiple treatments. Patients will be able to enjoy the full benefits of treatment after about three months, with results lasting anywhere from 12 months to years.

Is There Downtime?

There is no downtime required following a Geneveve treatment. Most patients can return to their everyday activities right away, including work. While sexual intercourse can also be resumed, we recommend waiting 48 hours after your treatment to allow the treated tissue to recover.

Does Health Insurance Cover this Treatment?

In most cases, health insurance does not cover the cost of a Geneveve treatment. Because this procedure is considered a cosmetic one, insurance companies do not consider it as “medically necessary.”

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Apex® In-Control At Home Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Patients experiencing stress incontinence may be advised to purchase the Apex® device following their non-invasive Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation treatment to further improve results.

If you are suffering from leaking when you sneeze, laugh, or cough this is a result of weakening pelvic floor muscles typically due to childbirth, but can also be a result of aging. Leaking can be exacerbated with high impact exercising such as aerobics and running. Unfortunately, this can lead to women avoiding physical activity or turning to panty liners for protection “just in case.”

Apex® is a patented, FDA-cleared, take home device that addresses the root cause of bladder leakage: weak pelvic floor muscles. Using Apex in the privacy of your own home for just 10 minutes a day for approximately 14 weeks will strengthen pelvic floor muscles eliminating embarrassing leaks and eliminating your stress urinary incontinence.

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