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Latisse® is the first and only FDA cleared medication to treat inadequate eyelashes (a.k.a. hypotrichosis). The product is manufactured by Allergan, the same company that makes Botox®, and is available only with a prescription. Latisse has been proven to increase eyelash fullness and length, as well as make them thicker and darker.

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Latisse® comes with a sterile disposable applicator and a solution containing an active ingredient called Bimatoprost, which is known for treating eye conditions such as glaucoma. Minor side effects from using the product can include: redness, itching, eye irritation, and dryness. Latisse is sold in 3ml bottles with 70 applicators and 5 ml bottles with 140 applicators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you use Latisse?

Once daily for up to 16 week

How is it applied?

Nightly by closing your eyes and sweeping across your upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes, using the included applicator. Use a new applicator for each eye.

How long does it take to see results?

Usually 3-4 weeks before results are really noticeable. Some patients have such great results that their eyelashes overgrow, requiring them to be trimmed. In this case, reduce the dosage from once daily to a few times a week.

If you are interested in purchasing Latisse®, please call our office for more details at (949) 347-5656.

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