George’s Blue Peel Experience

In Newport Beach

My Experience with a Blue Peel Procedure: by George

Day 1 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 1 (The day of my procedure)

Those who know me well, will tell you that I am as vain as anyone about my appearance. Up to this point, it has only been about my clothing, clean shaven, shoes shined and my hair neatly combed. When I look in the mirror at my face, I see sun spots and some age spots that I just accepted. Of course, the wrinkles I just attributed to the aging process, part of growing old. Then, someone mentioned that maybe a Blue Peel might help with some of the spots and maybe even refresh my face and soften a few of the wrinkles.

Absolutely, I wanted to try a Blue Peel.

What I remember about getting the Blue Peel that day was excitement. I was given a mild sedative and some facial numbing. I do remember a little burning sensation, but only for a short time. The next thing I remember is waking up at home. I am told that I was awake when I left and waved good bye to everyone, but I really don’t remember. The sedation really worked on me.

Day 2 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 2

This day was spent sleeping off and on pretty much the whole day. Watching a few glimpses of TV and dozing in between shows. I did not have any pain. It did itch a little, but I was determined to be a good patient and do as I was told and not scratch. Tomorrow I would be able to shower, but not shave. I was looking forward to the shower.

Day 4 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 3

Though I don’t normally sleep on my back, I was told that it would be best to do so for a few days. I did sleep well (probably still sleeping off the sedation) and awoke to see myself, really for the first time, in the mirror. I remember thinking….what have I done….I AM blue…I look like “Avatar”. My face, to me, seemed a little puffy and my neck was a little tender to the touch. I decided it was time to shower.

The shower felt so good and I was allowed to gently wash my face with a special cleaner using only my hands and only tepid water, but it still felt good. I moisturized my face with the approved moisturizer.

Once I was cleaned up, so to speak, I decided to Skype with my grandson and he told me I looked like the Grinch. The blue had turned to a bluish green. It was the Holiday weekend and we had planned a quiet few days so I was comfortable just staying at home. We watched TV and a lot of Holiday programming. It was actually very relaxing. Besides, I wasn’t ready to be seen in public.

Day 4

Today I began to see some peeling on my face and again, trying to be a good patient, I resisted the urge to pick at my face. I was told to let it flake off naturally. If I were to try to help it along, I could risk possible scaring. I certainly didn’t decide to do a Blue Peel and then end up with a scarred face. The peeling seemed to start on my cheeks first and then my forehead. I was told not to shave and that the beard will help the skin in that area to peel. The skin did seem to flake off rather than peel in the beard area. I was starting to see some new skin on my cheeks and they were rosy. The beard was a little itchy and I resisted the urge to scratch. The moisturizer helped the itch.

Day 6 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 5

All areas seem to have some good peeling now. I, of course, was very blotchy as expected. My forehead seemed to still have some spots and I wondered if that area was going to come out as good as I had hoped. I thought my chin below my lower lip was already looking pretty good, but my neck was still very tender and red. I also had a red spot under my left eye that looked like I had been punched.

All in all, I felt pretty good. It was Christmas day and we decided to go to a movie. I was a little self conscience, and wasn’t sure I was ready to be seen in public, but, frankly I didn’t scare anyone and honestly I don’t think anyone even noticed.

Day 6

I am starting to see improvement…..upper lip, chin and around my mouth especially. Forehead seems to have slowed the peeling process and is at a standstill. My neck is still tender and red and requires a lot of moisturizer and I am keeping the moisturizer on everywhere.

Today is back to work day and I am anxious to see and hear everyone’s opinion as to my progress.

Day 8 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 7

The second day back at work and everyone is so nice and telling me how good it looks already. All I see is a blotchy forehead (however, what has peeled so far does look pretty good). I wish the end of my nose would peel and my face still has a lot of redness, but having a fair complexion, I probably should have expected to be red for a while.

My biggest concern was my neck. It was very red and looked almost raw, but it did not hurt to touch it. I thought, to myself, “I hope that it doesn’t scar”. I was assured by the aesthetician that it would be fine. The aesthetician said that we had reached the point of not having to worry about scaring and we could help the peeling process.

Day 8

What a difference a day makes. With the help of the aesthetician, we were able to peel some of the dead skin off of my face. I still had some here and there that wasn’t quite ready, but I could really start to see a big difference. I was told that it was ok to shave now…..YEAH….. I decided to wait until the next morning to shave and start the new day… freshly shaven and “fresh lookin.”

Day 9 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

Day 9

Today started out as the most normal in the last week or so. I showered and then I shaved. I couldn’t help looking in the mirror many times during the process of getting dressed… and smiling. I looked clean shaven, I looked smooth faced, I looked well rested and, I think, I looked a little tighter. If I were to sum it up in two words….I would say that I look…..refreshed and healthy and ,oh yes,….HAPPY! I guess that is THREE words.

Days 1 thru 9 after getting Obagi Blue Peel

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