Abigail Breslin’s Miradry Sweat Elimination Experience

In Newport Beach

Abigail Breslin’s Miradry Sweat Elimination Experience

Abigail Breslin's Miradry Sweat Elimination Experience

Popular East Coast blogger, Abigail Breslin of Wanderlust Girls, recently underwent the miraDry® sweat elimination treatment in NYC. In a recent blog she published, she talks about battling with embarrassing sweat day and night. For years she tried different treatments hoping something would help, but nothing ever did. This past summer she was eating dinner with some health and beauty experts, when one of them asked if she had heard about miraDry. Later that night, she jumped on her computer and started doing research about this recommended sweat elimination treatment.

Abigail goes on to explain that what convinced her to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment was that miraDry required no surgery, it only needed to be done once, and it’s permanent.

After having the miraDry sweat elimination treatment, Abigail is sweat free & odor free! She says she is now able to wear colored clothing that she would never worn in the past because of sweat stains.

Read the details about her miraDry experirence here:


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