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Smooth & Sexy For Summer

Smooth & Sexy For Summer

Once spring has officially arrived, we are reminded that summer will soon be upon us. For those wanting a Smooth & Sexy body for summer, it’s important to know how long it will take to make that happen. At BioSpa®

Non-Surgical Contouring Options to prep for summer in Newport Beach CA

Non-Surgical Contouring Options to Prep for Summer

Summer comes up quick, so if you aren’t ready or don’t have time to prepare for a surgical contouring procedure, you might opt for a less invasive one! There are many effective treatment options on the market that offer body

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Cellulite plagues many women looking for solutions to this unsightly issue. Cellfina, a new approach to tackling cellulite, may just be the answer. The FDA has approved Cellfina to last at least three years with no loss of benefit, which

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Belly Fat Blues

Getting rid of belly fat is not only important for your self-confidence but also your health. Excess abdominal fat, especially visceral fat that surrounds your organs and distends your stomach, is a predictor of serious health issues such as heart

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Plastic surgeons have been helping patients get rid of unwanted fat for decades with the surgical procedure liposuction. The ideal candidate for fat removal is someone who eats a well-balanced healthy diet, maintains an active lifestyle, yet still struggles with

"Summer Bodies Are Made Now" Event

“Summer Bodies Are Made Now” Event

Date: Wednesday, March 30th Time: 3pm-6pm (must reserve a specific time slot during these hours) Location: BioSpa® 3991 MacArthur Blvd #340A, Newport Beach, CA 92660 RSVP Number: 949-203-3841 RSVP Email: (or fill out the contact form below) Details: Join

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What Causes Skin Laxity & How Do You Treat It?

Skin Laxity is something we will all experience as we age regardless of how much we work out and eat healthy. For skin to be tight it depends on collagen and elastin, which are two components of the deep layer

3 Cures For Stubborn Cellulite

3 Cures For Stubborn Cellulite

85% of women are affected by bumpy, dimpled, unappealing cellulite. As cellulite is caused by fibrous bands underneath the skin that compress fat, diet and exercise do little to help the appearance of this condition. Clinical treatments offer the most

Unwrap A Slimmer You This Holiday Season!

Unwrap A Slimmer You This Holiday Season!

Have you been torturing yourself at the gym or eating nothing but protein and veggies trying to get in shape so you will look good for your holiday parties and events? This year why not give yourself the gift of

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