Geneveve by Viveve Now for Internal and External Use

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Geneveve by Viveve Now for Internal and External Use

Geneveve by Viveve Now for Internal and External Use

A women’s body goes through many changes throughout a lifetime. Some of those changes involve the vaginal walls with decreased collagen production, resulting in vaginal laxity, weakened tissue, and other bothersome symptoms. Geneveve by Viveve is a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to treat internal vaginal laxity, as well as external looseness. Restoring this area leads to improved sensation and sexual satisfaction. It will also help with stress and urge incontinence.

How does Geneveve work?

Geneveve utilizes the benefits of radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production. In just one, simple 25-minute treatment session, radiofrequency energy is delivered to the vaginal walls, heating deep tissue and stimulating strong collagen growth. With this new collagen developed, the vaginal walls tighten to improve common feminine symptoms. The treatment is comfortable and respectful.

How does Geneveve improve external appearance?

Many women know of the benefits of Geneveve for internal use; with improved stress incontinence, vaginal laxity, sexual comfort, and natural lubrication. But now experts are aware of the benefits of Geneveve for external use as well. With age or after childbirth many women notice vaginal laxity both internally and externally. Now women can have the Genveve treatment to improve external laxity as well, for fully restored feminine wellness and tightening.

How does Geneveve compare to a surgical procedure?

Before, a surgical procedure like a vaginoplasty was thought to be the only way to achieve vaginal tightening. But now women can achieve vaginal rejuvenation, both internally and externally, without the use of a surgical procedure. Unlike a surgical rejuvenation procedure, Geneveve is quick and discrete, with no incisions, injections, or anesthesia necessary. There is also no downtime required, so women can get right back to their daily lives.

To learn more about Geneveve and how you could benefit, contact BioSpa today! We can schedule your consultation with an aesthetic nurse to go over your treatment plan in more detail.

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